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Top 4 Yard Drainage Solutions for Northeast Ohio Homes

Dealing with excessive water in your yard can be a nightmare. Water accumulation can lead to a multitude of problems, such as compromised foundations, damaged lawn, and soil erosion. If you live in Northeast Ohio, you know how sudden and heavy rainfall can be as this region experiences unpredictable weather patterns that can cause severe flooding. However, with the right yard drainage system, you can protect your property from being damaged by water. In this blog post, we will share innovative yard drainage ideas for northeast Ohio homes and businesses.

1. French Drains

French drains have been a popular drainage system for years, especially in Northeast Ohio. The drainage system involves digging a trench and laying a perforated pipe surrounded by rock. The pipe is then covered with soil, and the water flows through the perforations, into the rock and then flows underground to an outlet where it is directed away from your property.

2. Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are an attractive way to deal with excess water in your yard. The drainage system is aesthetically pleasing and can complement your landscaping. The process involves digging a shallow trench and lining it with river rocks or stones. The trench should be positioned in an area where water tends to accumulate. The water flows through the stones and drains away from your property. A dry creek bed not only solves drainage problems but also adds visual interest to your yard.

3. Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want to incorporate sustainable living in their property. A rain garden involves creating a shallow depression in your yard that is filled with native plants that absorb excess water. The plants use the water to grow and release it through evapotranspiration. A rain garden is a functional and beautiful way to deal with excessive water.

4. Pop-Up Emitters & Down Spout Extensions

In some cases, your yard may require a downspout equipped with a pop-up emitter to solve your drainage issues. Pop-up emitters are placed at the end of a pipe and designed to help water drainage flow away from your property. They activate when the water reaches a particular level, and they release the water like a sprinkler, directing the water where you want it to go.

Solve Your Yard Drainage Issues Once & For All with TW Landscape

With the right yard drainage system, you can eliminate water accumulation and protect your property. Reach out to trusted professionals at TW Landscape today to discuss which system is best for your yard.

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