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Yard Removal & Renovations

Is your landscape in need of a redo? Contact the Chagrin Falls yard makeover experts at TW Landscape today, serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas.

Landscape Makeovers

Is your front or backyard in need of a redo? Are weeds overtaking your lawn? Are areas eroding? Or are your landscape beds overgrown and have left you overwhelmed? Whatever issue you are facing, it can make for a stressful situation to get your landscape back to its prime. At TW Landscape, our highly-trained team has transformed countless of properties throughout Chagrin Falls & surrounding communities by effectively removing aged landscapes and lawn areas, then crafting new landscaping and turf areas, and we have created just as many thrilled clients in the process!

Our Yard Renovation Process

We begin the process with stripping down the existing lawn areas down to the topsoil and the landscaping if it is due for a refresh.  Then we get started crafting your new outdoor space:


Using the right equipment to remove everything down to the top soil. Depending on the access points of the work area, this may include a regular sized or mini skid loader, a gas-powered sod cutter or old-fashioned shovels combined with hard work. We remove the old lawn, worn out landscaping, etc., all debris is hauled off site to a proper compost site.

Site Prep

The first item is correcting slopes for proper drainage with rough grading (if applicable).

Hardscape Construction

Any hardscape or outdoor living structures such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, retaining walls and patios are built first.

Landscape Installation

Trees, shrubs & perennials are planted along with the installation of landscape edging and ground covering material.

New Lawn Installation

Topsoil delivered and graded out (if applicable), followed by an irrigation system installation if one is not present. Lastly, installing sod to create an instantly green lawn.

Why Choose Us?

Standard of Excellence

We are dedicated & committed to delivering excellent quality and it's reflected in the finished product of our work.

Innovative Solutions

We use incredibly efficient processes and equipment to complete work in a timely manner.

Prompt Communication

Our team prides itself on providing quick responses to inquiries and any questions before, during & after your project.


We utilize sustainable practices and methods to ensure minimal impact to our environment.

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