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Outdoor Drainage Solutions

Experiencing problems with yard drainage? Get in touch with the outdoor drainage professionals at TW Landscape today. Based in Chagrin Falls, OH, serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas.

Landscape Drainage Specialists in Chagrin Falls

A properly designed landscape that is installed to industry standards will rarely experience issues. But over the years the ground may move due to frost heaving and disturb the soil, or if your yard was not installed correctly it can lead to negative effects such as damaging your grass, plants and trees due to improper drainage. Water can also intrude into your home or other structures and cause damage the foundation. Thankfully at TW Landscape, we offer multiple options to solve your yard drainage problems.

French Drains, Drain Tile & Downspout Extensions

French drain and drain tile installation consists of perforated pipes wrapped with fabric to filter soil and sediment are placed in a trench filled with gravel or rock. The trench (sometimes called a “channel”) is built to divert water safely away from structures and into a drain or designated low lying area. The channel is purpose-built with a slight slope to ensure that water flows in the proper direction. Similar to how a gutter system collects and diverts water from your roof, French drains do so at ground level.

If your gutters route water properly from your roof to your lawn areas, but you still experience flooding during typical rain events, installing a downspout extension may be advantageous. This is generally used in conjunction with a French drain system to take water from bottom of the downspout and route it to a dry-well or catch basin.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is a drainage solution in which our team excavates a shallow trench from where water is gathering on your property, and then diverting it to a location that is a better fit for water accumulation. Whether that is routing the water to a newly constructed pond where the excess water will flow to, diverting to a French drain system, or if the water volume isn’t too much – digging a trench deep enough for water to flow into the creek and eventually evaporate.

During most dry creek bed installation projects, we cover the soil with fabric or poly and then various sizes of rock. This solution generally works with your property’s grade and is an excellent option to maintain a more natural focus within your outdoor space.

Professional Yard Drainage Solutions by TW Landscape

If your property is facing issues with outdoor drainage and a unique drainage solution is necessary such as re-grading, a dry well, water retention garden, permeable pavers, or pop up emitter, please give us a call at (216) 202-2259 or fill out our quote request form to schedule a consultation.

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